Our Company

Imprints architects is a company set up by an architect who has realised the need to bridging the gap between common man’s aspirations to creativity and the gap between contractors and clients. With an experience of 10+ years into the field, the company has realised the beauty of an idea is in its execution and provides end to end services from planning on paper to the construction on turn key basis whether it be interiors or architecture. It has a team of experienced architects with expertise in various zones of planning to construct and a team of consultants and labours who are more than 5years old to the team.

Our Process

We believe in an organic growth of a design and for that we value the importance of knowing our clients. In our first meeting with the client, they fill up a form addressing their beliefs, hobbies, dreams, vision for the project apart from their functional requirements. No information for us is silly and every raw idea is heard seriously. Design for us is a unique creation which starts with a concept or a story which is derived from our clients brief and the abstract ideas are transformed to a spatial experience. The client understands it through sketches, story boards or images. Once the design is accepted then the design and construction set of drawings are made. We work in a team with our contractors and to achieve the concept, research is done and innovative materials, object and images are used. Articulation of all with neat details is done which gives it finishing, creating a language and continuity to the entire space. Every space is like a painting which talks and with that we derive the titles to each project.

Our Philosophy

Each person’s, personality and his thought process is influenced by the experiences of the places he visits and the people he meets. Being a part of that gives him comfort and satisfaction. Architecture has the ability to recreate a moment, a feeling, a memory or an environment through its various tools of creating forms, colours, textures, materials, light and shadow combinations etc. At our firm we try to develop the unique imprint of the client’s individuality and transform it into his space through the various tools of space design, creating a sense of belonging and satisfaction and in the process, a unique design for each individual or organization.