Sudiksha Parekh Patel is an architect graduated with a gold medal from CEPT Ahmedabad. She has also done her design course in interior design from CEPT Ahmedabad. She had been offered a scholarship on merit and studied at ‘school of architecture, burgdorf, Switzerland and worked with Martin and Stoumn architects, Langnau, Switzerland. She and her team is passionate about design and use their keen sense of articulation of different materials coming together and sensitive use of colour to enhance the concept. Their aim is to contribute a new approach to the process of designing spaces and develop the unique "Imprint” of the client’s individuality into his space through the various tools. She has research and design studio experieneces with BV Doshi, Anant Raje, Miki Desai and Gurjeet Singh Matharoo. She has explored teaching arts and crafts to blind girls, slums children as well as especially abled children. She has taught Design Studio at school of architecture, Rajkot and is presently teaching Design at D Y Patil, School of Architecture. exploring new places, culture and people is her hobby and they have been the roots to the foundation of unique designs at Imprints Architects.

Sachin Suddala has graduated from DY Patil School of Architecture, Navi Mumbai. Imprints architects had strived to create an informal work environment of being a studio instead of a formal corporate office. Sachin has been the pillar to this thought process and has worked towards the growth of the firm with a unique sense of belonging and challenging ideas. Extremely patient at work and he is hard to compete as a punctual and dedicated professional at work. He has mastered the process of execution and management of projects addressing all practical aspects of budget, scheduling and completion. Good at determination, he finishes what he started even if it is complicated and that attitude has made imprint dependable on him and he has become an eminent part of the DNA of imprints.

S. Sridhar has done his architecture from R V College of Architecture Bangalore. He can rightly be called a lubricant to the smooth functioning of the machinery of imprints architects. He is in love with technology and tries to master all aspects of office functioning as well as likes to work on different kinds of projects. Resolves all technical hiccups in detailing drawings, presentation software’s as well as models and makes imprints rich in its appearance to the clients. He takes up different projects ranging from institution to hospitality to approval drawings and does not limit himself to working hours instead defines his own work hours. He studies the nature of a project with technical, practical and carefully adds reality to it with the unique requirements of the site as well as client needs and has learnt hindi to communicate to the workers on site. Sridhar has created a niche in imprints through his ability to quickly grasp a new project and make it happen.

Our Team

Disha Doshi
Tahura Walile
Anmol Tiwari
Rohan Chordiya
Ujjwal kumar
Ashvini Verma
Parag Manghani
Execution and Wood work Pal: Mulchand Vishwakarma, Mehilal
Project Manager and Civil Consultant: Bharat Yadav
Electrical Engineer: Sameer Abbas
Structural Consultant : Sameer Mistry
RCC Contractor: Anthony
Model Maker and 3D Design: Milan Yadav ( 3DS Creation )
Painting Contractors: Prem Nath