• Hi Sudiksha, I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for outstanding service provided by your team member.

    You were extremely attentive and listened to all my concerns with great deal of patience, professionalism & superlative skills. I am thankful to Ashwini for constantly in touch with me for all my requirements.

    A big thank you for the carpenters on whom I could keep my home open.

    Please accept my gratitude towards everybody involved in my renovation.


    Thank you!!!


    Ujwala Maheshwari.

    Ujwala Maheshwari.
  • Thank you Imprints Architects and tem Sudiksha for helping me create my home. Your wonderful planning and visualization helped a lot. That we were on the same page with our ideas and concepts made the whole work go smooth. Your willingness to listen to our ideas and expectations and then your ability to weave that into your concepts really made the whole process very comfortable for us. You were always ready to listen to our views and the manner in which you put your point across is really commendable. That you always stuck to the budget was an added plus.


    Thanks to you and your team for the wonderful work you did and the wholehearted efforts that you put in.


    Shrawanti Chakravarty

    Shrawanti Chakravarty
  • Hi     

    Sudiksha, thank you very much. First of all we like your nature, your ideas,your designs. Working with you and your team was really a very good experience. We also formed a very good relation with you just like our family member.

    Your designs are very innovative, and you also keep in mind, the necessity of client. We will also anytime, will recommend you to any of our friends in our friend circle.

    Once again thank you very much and lots of love.


    With love,

    Neha , Devang & Vora family

    Neha , Devang & Vora family
  • Dear team,  


    We Patil family writing this letter to thank you for your outstanding work on our home renovation work project.

    You joined this project at very busy and critical time. You were quickly able to understand the objective, our and small kids requirements, priorities and make positive contribution to the design. The quality of your work was recognized and appreciated by all members present for home ceremony .

    You and your team helped at very critical time. Our civil work was given to local constructor and his work completed and you joined in this project you handled it very well to our local contractors, civil, kitchen and painter.

    Your guidance and precious design changed our house look good and great. We feel our budget was very low and you may not take that much interest, but you prove that was false. Rohan and team has done commendable work and special attention. The project was completed successfully and within TAT.

    Again I would like to express our sincere thanks to Rohan and team.


    Thanking you



    Mohan patil

    Mohan patil
  • Dear Sudiksha,   


    It was a pleasure to have our child’s bedroom transform under Imprints as we were very much pleased with the results based on some of our selection as well as yours and being creative from your side as well in most of the areas.

    Many have already rated this room as a nice spacious place with good designs keeping space in mind.

    Yes of course in the work carried out we had to be a little more flexible with the budget we had in mind while carrying over the job in hand.

    We thank your entire team and good luck going forward. A special thanks to mr. ujwal who continued to follow up on the project.


    Thanking you,

    Best Regards,

    M/M Mascarenhas

    Residents of platinum , sanpada

    M/M Mascarenhas
    Residents of platinum , sanpada
  • Dear Sudiksha,   


    This is to put on a record our appreciation for the work put in by you, Sachin and other members of your team, including the contractors, for the renovation of our apartment.

    It was a pleasure dealing with you and all the members of your team, during the entire course of the project. In particular, we would like to highlight the patience and participative manner in which this whole project was executed.

    Your focus in understanding our lifestyle & needs and incorporating solutions to address them was really appreciable. You were always receptive to our ideas and focused on finding innovative and cost effective solutions to our needs and requirements.

    Having completed the project, we now look forward to our life in this happy home of ours.

    We take this opportunity to thank you, Sachin and all your team members and contractors.

    Wishing continued success and growth to team Imprints,




    M.C.Kotwal & A.M.Kotwal

    M.C.Kotwal & A.M.Kotwal
  • We chose Imprints Architects and decided Sudiksha’s personal approach, professionalism, talent and charm would match best with our goals. We wanted to get some expert help in improving the look and feel of our kitchen. We are really happy to say that working with Imprints Architects was a great experience in all respects. Sudiksha really listened to us, presented creative options that allowed us to figure out exactly what we wanted, Sudiksha is passionate about her field in a way that helped energize us, Imprints Architects has been exemplary- completely sincere, straightforward and transparent. They have transformed our kitchen from a very basic to a very modern and spacious one.

    We would definitely recommend Imprints Architects as their work & design are something that I truly creative.


    All the very best,


    Deepak & Pepita Braganza.

    Deepak & Pepita Braganza.
  • Dear Sudhiksha,  

    Greetings of the day...


    When I first met you about a year back, what struck me about you which also is truly represented by your company name "Imprints", is your passion to create a personalized home most suited for every home owner's unique personality. It was a great pleasure to work with you to build my dream home literally brick by brick and corner by corner. Yes! It was a long hard working nine months but then no dream worth living comes without patience, persistence, perfection and passion. All the hard work was worth it and truly fulfilling time building a home of my dreams. I had long cherished dream and almost had a picture of every small detail in my heart. But it was just a blue print. You helped me bring it into a workable design. You painstakingly understood every detail of my dream and without taking any short cuts or compromising on quality and without using standard designed items you transformed my vision to reality. To address everyone's passion in every room like Vaishali's and Swapneel's passion for 'music' is running as a theme throughout the home as pleasant fragrance. My special place for wild life gave me feel of nature at home. After entering, our home welcomes everyone with the spiritual shloka, lively graceful Saraswati Statue, soothing aquarium and unique eye catching fountain…

    Everything was designed and implemented with some synergized theme and concept in mind. The long, late evening calls we had to discuss walls, curtains, tiles, designs, furniture and every small detail really helped me shape the home of my dreams. Thanks for putting up extra hours and being flexible as well as accommodative with my erratic schedules. I really have a great sense of pride and feeling of a fulfillment of a long cherished dream when I look at home now. It was not possible without your collaboration and excellent skills in your profession. You also used modern techniques by trying to show me snippets and views of my dream using digital technology so I could keep shaping it to make it even more beautiful. Recently when you completed the final touches to finish your work at my home and I handed over you the final cheque to complete my dues to you, it felt like we accomplished one great creative project. But for sure our strong bond doesn't end here, since you have left your strong inerasable imprint on our dream home. While I feel great about my dream coming true , I feel great that completion my dream also marks a new beginning of your dream of being a mother come true. So we will remember each other as someone witnessing each other's dream come true and hold a special place in each other's life beyond mere professional association. I sincerely wish all the best to you and your dedicated team for all your future projects and endeavors.


    Warm Regards,

    Avinash Karnik.

    Avinash Karnik
    201/202, Emerald CHS Bhakti Park, Wadala (E), Mumbai